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High Temperature Water Soluble Film

Product Name:Water Soluble Film     
IUPAC name:Polyvinyl Alcohol Film     
Other names:PVA water-soluble film
Water soluble temperature: Temperature 70--100 Degrees Celsius
Thickness:10 micron--150 micron
Roll Length:100m--2000m per roll
CAS Registry Number: 9002-89-5
Synonyms:PVA Film,Water Soluble Film,Water Transfer Printing Film,Stumpwork Embroidery Film,Plain Embroidery Film
Type:High Temperature Water Soluble (PVA) Film

The Properties of Low Temperature Water Soluble (PVA) Film

General description of the Low Temperature Water Soluble (PVA) Film

Water-soluble film is a new type of environmental protection packaging material which is processed by special process and can be rapidly degraded by natural factors (H2O), the water-soluble film can be rapidly denatured, decomposed and degraded into low-element compounds through the action of natural factors (H2O), and has the function of improving land. Water-soluble film belongs to a new type of environmental protection packaging materials.
The tensile strength of the PVA film is greater than 30 MPa, the elongation at break is greater than 300%, the standard dissolution time is no more than 40 s, it can be dissolved quickly in water and has no residue.

Technical date of the Low Temperature Water Soluble (PVA) Film

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the applicatons of Low Temperature Water Soluble (PVA) Film

1,Our water soluble film can be used in detergent packaging, such as dish washing detergent for dish-washing machine, washing powder
2,The PVA film can help to demould in the production of artificial marble, it can be use for water transfer printing.
3,Our water soluble film is widely used in the agriculture, such as packing the pesticides and fertilizer,avoiding hand-touching pesticides and chemical products
4,Our water soluble film can be made into all kinds of PVA bag.

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