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water-soluble bag
Product Name:Water Soluble Film Bag
Thickness:10 micron--120 micron
Roll Length:100m--2000m per roll
CAS Registry Number: 9002-89-5
Synonyms:PVA Bag,Water Soluble Bag
Type:Low Temperature Water Soluble (PVA) Bag, Medium Temperature PVA Bag and High Temperature PVA Bag

The Water-soluble Film Properties

General description of the water-soluble film

Water-soluble film is a new type of environmental protection packaging material which is processed by special process and can be rapidly degraded by natural factors (H2O), the water-soluble film can be rapidly denatured, decomposed and degraded into low-element compounds through the action of natural factors (H2O), and has the function of improving land. Water-soluble film belongs to a new type of environmental protection packaging materials.

Water-soluble bag size

Thickness microns 25--100
Width mm 20--1500
Length per piece mm 100--2000
Length per roll m 100-1000

Water-soluble (PVA) Bag applicaton

Many chemicals and cement additives have strong alkali, strong acidity and irritating odor. Cement additives commonly used outdoors are easy to touch the eyes, skin and environmental pollution of operators when they are opened, and water-soluble film packaging cement additives will be used. Make operation safer and more convenient.
Pesticide industry: generally, the pesticides are characterized by high pollution and high toxicity, which are extremely harmful to people and the environment. The problem of polluting the environment due to pesticide residues caused by pesticide packaging has been very serious. Due to the unique physical properties and biodegradability of water-soluble film packaging bags, in recent years, new technologies for water-soluble pesticide packaging have received increasing attention from the international community.
In the dyeing and finishing industry, dyes are generally loaded in plastic drums or plastic bags during the dyeing process and placed in dyeing tanks for dyeing. In the course of this operation, a large number of contaminated waste plastic bags are produced, and the residual dyes in plastic plastic bags and plastic drums also cause waste and the amount of dye added is not accurate enough. The use of water-soluble materials to package dyes not only makes the bleaching and dyeing work clean and environmentally friendly, but also can be used in conjunction with automated production lines for dye addition and delivery to ensure the confidentiality of the dyeing formula.


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