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Cold Stretch Hood PE Film

Product Description
Material: LLDPE
Thickness: 100-120 um, or custom made
Circumference: ≤4.2m
Stretch percent: 50%, or custom made
Color: transparent
PE Cold Stretch Hood Film is a safer solution with higher sustainability, low cost and energy consumption, widely used for white appliance, chemical and construction materials. During the automatic process, the film is stretched on both directions from the four corners by an automated hood machine, then covers the goods from top to bottom.

The stretch hood is a demanding application, requiring good tear and/or puncture resistance and a balance of holding force and elasticity. This, of course all starts with the quality of resins and finding the right formulation for specific loads. Our stretch hood film offers excellent abuse resistance and greater independent control over holding force and elasticity to meet the requirements of various load types. Other properties, such as high clarity, printability, and recyclability are also important for certain applications. 
The coefficient of friction (COF) is critical for stretch hoods and must be low enough that the hood will slide over the load without wrinkling or tearing as it is applied. Conversely, the COF must be high enough that the film does not slide off the machine fingers too easily, so the hood can be stretched in the vertical direction.
Stretch hood films are typically three-layer systems - two outer skin layers and the core.

PE stretch hood wrapping film, used on Lachenmeier,BEUMER  and other machines
PE stretch hood wrapping film, used on Lachenmeier,BEUMER  and other machines
PE Stretch hood film
PE wrapping film
PE cold stretch hood film
PE cold wrapping film
PE cold stretch hood wrapping film


  • Easy and direct insertion of the film with a film transport system that is gentle on the film
  • No cooling time required for the film sealing seam
  • Energy-saving drive technology

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