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Product Name:Water Soluble Film
IUPAC name:Polyvinyl Alcohol Film  
Other names:PVA water-soluble film
Thickness:10 micron--150 micron
Roll Length:100m--2000m per roll
CAS Registry Number: 9002-89-5
Synonyms:PVA Film,Water Soluble Film,Water Transfer Printing Film,Stumpwork Embroidery Film,Plain Embroidery Film
Type:Low Temperature Water Soluble (PVA) Film,Medium Temperature PVA Film and High Temperature PVA Film

The Water-soluble Film Properties

General description of the water-soluble film

Water-soluble film is a new type of environmental protection packaging material which is processed by special process and can be rapidly degraded by natural factors (H2O), the water-soluble film can be rapidly denatured, decomposed and degraded into low-element compounds through the action of natural factors (H2O), and has the function of improving land. Water-soluble film belongs to a new type of environmental protection packaging materials.

Water-soluble film technical date

Test  Item   Standard Index

Water-soluble (PVA) film applicaton

1,Our water soluble film can be used in detergent packaging, such as dish washing detergent for dish-washing machine, washing powder
2, The PVA film can help to demould in the production of artificial marble, it can be use for water transfer printing.
3,Our water soluble film is widely used in the agriculture, such as packing the seed and fertilizer.
4,Our water soluble film can be made into all kinds of PVA bag.

PVA Film Production Process:

Blown film process or inflation film process

PVA-blown-machineBlown water soluble film refers to a process in which PVA raw materials are processed into particles by appropriate modification,then melted with heat and then blown into PVA film,the details are as follows:
Firstly, the PVA particles are added to the extruder, the PVA particles will be melted by screw feeding, shearing, and heating. The molten PVA material is continuously extruded through a filter screen and a perforated plate from a circular die of a machine head, and is a ring-shaped membrane tube having a uniform thickness. At the same time,the proper amount of compressed air is blown into the membrane tube from the lower part of the machine head to inflate it radially, and is longitudinally drawn by the upper traction roller of the traction frame, then the cooling air ring located at the upper part of the machine head blows cold air to the outer surface of the bubble, so that the bubble cools and the air is cooled under the traction bubble, and is pressed by the herringbone plate (the wide blown film needs to be inserted). Under the action of the lower traction device, the film is crimped into a film roll by a guide roller.
Above all, our company uses PVA polymer to extrude tubular film blanks in a better melt. In the flowing state, the tube film is inflated to a desired thickness by high-pressure air, and after cooling, it becomes the beautiful water-soluble film.

Casting film process

Casting-film-machineFirst, we made the PVA raw material into particles by appropriate modification,then the PVA raw material is plasticized and melted in an extruder, and cast into a roll surface of a smooth rotating cooling roll by a structural forming die, the diaphragm is cooled and cooled on the cooling roller, and then the PVA film is realy after being pulled and trimmed.
The casting PVA film is a non-stretched, non-oriented flat extruded film produced by melt casting and quenchinghas, the casting water soluble film has the characteristics of fast production speed, high output, good transparency, gloss and uniformity of film thickness.

Our water soluble film packing

We pack the film in the carton, and put the carton into the container.

Our Mission

Continuously provide the Water-Soluble Film/Polyvinyl Alcohol Film(PVA Film) and PE film(Silage Film and Stretch Film) with lower energy consumption and excellent performance for packing
Continuously improve the technology of environmentally friendly

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