Professional Stretch Film and Water-Soluble Film & bag Manufacturer in China

Stretch Film and Water-Soluble Film & bag Manufacturer in China

We are the professional manufacturer in the cast film/blown film development, manufacture and sale of a variety of film including the PE film and PVA film. We produce cast/blown film and PVA in our modern stretch production facilities. This assures that we will have the right type of product to offer our customers in many fields.
Our PE strtech film includes silage film and wrap, machine applied film, hand applied film and PE film withour core, now we have five PE film production lines with the capacity of 800 metric tons every month.
Our PVA water soluble low temperature/home temperature PVA film, medium temperature PVA film,high temperature PVA film and starch modified PVA film, we have six PVA film production lines with the capacity of 500 metric tons every month.
Our factory is established in 2004, located in a beautiful seaside city – Weifang, Shandong province in China. The city is conveniently connected by all kinds of transportation facilities: ocean shipping, highway and airfreight.
Our products have high tensile strength, puncture resistance, good stickiness, high transparency and ability to impact resistance, the thickness of the film is 15mic-50mic with the width 5cm-150cm. the advantage of our stretch film is excellent load retaining capability, high film puncture and tear resistance and thinner gauge films with significant performance.
Our company has a group of experienced professional staff and technical services staff distributed in various aspects of the workflow. Meanwhile, we have the world top 500 enterprises supplier chain and value chain management experience, from the supplier selection and audit to the supplier optimization, cultivation and development.
Leveraging its advanced manufacturing and technologies, extensive research and development capabilities, we have established good and stable partnership with many world-known and home enterprises, keep expanding our market and trying to provide one-stop service to our customers so as to minimize their purchase costs.
Our company vision is to become an indispensable supplier for our customers, exceeding expectations in quality, delivery and cost through continuous improvement, innovation and customer interaction.

Our Mission

Continuously provide the Water-Soluble Film/Polyvinyl Alcohol Film(PVA Film) and PE film(Silage Film and Stretch Film) with lower energy consumption and excellent performance for packing
Continuously improve the technology of environmentally friendly

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