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shrink film

PE shrink film is suitable for automatic packaging of various products.It is not easily damaged with good toughness. Shrink advantages are pressing commodity and showing the shape of goods, it can transport easily and collect bulk cargoes.

POF shrink film is non-toxic and environment protection, high transparency, strong contraction, good toughness, tear strength, uniform heat shrinkable and can suitable for automatic packaging. Now can be widely used food, medicines, beverage, alcohol, electrical products, electronic products, toys and other products packaging.



  • When heated grafix shrink film will shrink to about 50-percent of its original size
  • When cooled to room temperature it becomes thicker and hard
  • Decorate grafix shrink film with permanent markers, rubber stamps or paint pens
  • Easy to cut with scissors, die cut machines and punches
  • Maximizes product protection
  • Minimizes consumer tampering
  • Exceptional abuse resistance and strength to protect during distribution
  • Excellent retail shelf appeal

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Continuously provide the Water-Soluble Film/Polyvinyl Alcohol Film(PVA Film) and PE film(Silage Film and Stretch Film) with lower energy consumption and excellent performance for packing
Continuously improve the technology of environmentally friendly

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